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Appetizers Menu Choices

​Fresh Fruit Kabobs

Delicious Seasonal Fruit full of flavor

Charcuterie Board

Cubed Cheddar, Swiss, Brie, Colby-jack with Gourmet Crackers

BLT Bruschetta

Chopped tomato, chopped leaf lettuce, bacon bits, pesto

Fresh Vegetables

With carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, ranch dressing
Ham & Turkey Pinwheels
Rolled tortillas filled with Ham, Turkey, lettuce & a ranch-mayo mixture

Italian Meatball Tasters
Tender, juicy, beef meatballs. grape jelly

Caprese Skewers
Mozzarella cheese balls skewered, basil leaf & cherry tomatoes

Mini Pimento Corn Muffins
Homemade Mini Muffins stuffed with Pimento Cheese

Mini Crab Cakes
100% lump Crab Meat coated in breadcrumbs with no fillers

Spring Rolls
Thin rolled pastry filled with vegetables

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Delicious rich & creamy, cheesy dip with spinach

Tortillas filled with sliced Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef 

Tea Sandwiches
Blend of tasty mini Ham, Turkey, Chicken salad sandwiches 

Roasted Potato Bites
Crispy potato bites sprinkled in our special seasoning

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